The Management Intensive
"The absence of management training is like giving someone the keys to a race car and expecting expert driving with no experience."

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The Management Intensive™ gives you 12 weeks of focused management skill and knowledge development that is both fun and easy to use and it's designed for you to gain immediate, dramatic results. Whether you are an aspiring manager or a seasoned manager, you will have on-going, real-time support while you learn how to manage, lead and coach your team to unprecedented success. This isn't about causal learning--it's an active, engaged experience that comprises continuity, coaching and community for a committed period of time. It's for those who have a deep commitment and desire to invest in talent development--beginning with their own.

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The Management Intensive™

To be the preferred company of choice worldwide for those companies and their clients committed to developing effective, competent managers.


To provide a unique, quality alternative to traditional management training that provides ease of access, continuity in learning, and ongoing support via coaching and community in learning and application, that results in demonstrated outcomes with a substantial return on investment.

The Management Intensive™ is a management training and development solution of The Human Sphere™, a holistic talent management consultancy |

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